Woolpit Steam Rally 2002

Woolpit Suffolk.

This was the first time we attended Woolpit, and it was a great start to the Year, in amongst the showers of course. There was something for everyone, but not on the scale of some of the bigger ones of course. There were around 60 engines, a few of those are shown below.

Once again, I apologise for the file sizes, I am sure it will be worth the wait.

My Pumpset, on its first proper Rally, ran a treat all weekend.

Just one more, cos it was its first

A very rare Australian Engine, a 1945 Buzacott Farm Pump Engine 1.5 hp owned by Mr Fisher from Colchester Essex

Another rare engine, a 1906 Fairbanks Morse "Jack of all trades" 2hp Owned by Dick Culley of Ashmandhaugh Norfolk

A 1935 Bamford EV1 2hp driving a Drake and Fletcher H2 pump which is similar to my Lister H2. This is owned by Mr Coulthard of Holton St Mary Colchester Essex.

A 1908 Crossley H type 1.25hp owned by Mr Allen of Kings Lynn Norfolk

A nicely turned out 1949 Lister D 1,5hp with an H1 pump owned by Mr Turner of Bacton Sowmarket Suffolk.

A lovely 1916 Maynard 1.5hp open crank owned by Mr Greensmith of Thorney Peterborough. 

An open crank Ruston, unfortunately this was not as program so I have no details.

An unusual 1931 Wolsely "Pre WD" 1.5hp owned by Ivan Drake of Bacton Norfolk.

A view across the main ring during the Steam Engine exhibition. 

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