My Wolseley WD2     

I purchased the Wolseley WD2 from Ron Mansfield, the Chairman of the Farm Machinery Preservation Society on Friday 13th April 2001.

This Engine is a 1 1/2 HP model, engine number 13079 and was built around 1947 however exact dating is not possible as the records were all destroyed in a fire at the Factory. The first WD2 was built in March 1945 at engine no 7000 and the last one was built in March 1949 at engine no 24004.

The engine was bought as a runner but in an unrestored condition, the only obvious work recently was the making of new gaskets for the timing chest, valve chest etc. It ran quite roughly, and very fast, the governer appeared to be doing very little and on investigation, I found that the governor was set incorrectly, worn, and the throttle flap was bent so it did not shut off completely.

I put out a plea on the uk.rec.engine.stationary news group, and this was answered by Kenny Williams who has the nec. governor parts and I am now waiting for their arrival. WATCH THIS SPACE.

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The Wolseley Sheep Shearing Company was founded in 1887 at "Witton Works" Birmingam. This Company was a well established manufacturer of sheep shearing and associated equipement. They produced their first engine in 1911, was rated at 3 HP and powered six sheep shearing handsets.

They produced various engines in the early 20th Century with the WD1 series (Built for the War Department) making an appearance in 1942. These were for shipping to the Western Desert and made an appearance in the home market in Sept. 1943. The series developed through to the WD2 and then the WD8 in March 1949 starting with engine no. 24005.


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