West Bergholt Vintage car and Military Rally  and Searchlight Tattoo 2002

West Bergholt Essex

The weather was similar to last year, a scorcher, (a bit too hot again) but it seemed the public preferred to go to the beach as apart from the Tattoo in the evening, the Rally was poorly attended.

The highlight was a searchlight Military tattoo which was well worth staying for, especially as the Red Devils Parachute display team once again did a night drop from 10,000 ft. with their jump suits lit up with chemical lights and helmet lights to illuminate the canopy. This was spectacular as the first three jumpers with special chutes had a landing speed (before flaring out of course) of around 40 mph and the other three them stayed joined together until about 100 ft up and then split to land perfectly. I had a bird's eye view as Rob and I were asked again to help operate the searchlights.

Unfortunately, the Rally was marred by the very unfortunate accident with the Honda Imps motorcycle display team resulting in the death of a 15 year old boy. We did not find out about his death until the Sunday, but it was a very sad occasion.

There was around than 30 Stationary engines on display but with few public to appreciate them especially on Sunday, I thought it was a bit of an anticlimax. The other problem this year was NO Cag stalls, not even a polish and bungee stall. I guess the organisers need to rethink their priceing.

I have deliberately left out a picure of my pumpset as you have seen it all before so here are a few of the more interesting engines that were on display

This was a 1 1/2 hp Hartop owned by John Southall of Willisham near Ipswich, (sorry about the rope, the damn thing kept getting in the way of this rally's pictures).

A nice example of a 1915 Jumbo owned by Mr A Rose from Ipswich.

A huge Ruston Twin, unfortunately, I forgot to note the owner.

Another superb restoration from Adam Munson from Stanway Essex, this is a 1929 model Ruston Hornsby.

A 1947 Stuart Turner owned by Mr M Humphries from Stanway, I was attracted by the huge amount of smoke it was kicking out.

A common enough engine, but we don't see many at the rallies I attend so I thought it worth a picture.

This is a 1936 Fowler PR 1 1/2 hp owned by Mr A Hall of Halstead.

A nice little 1941 Norman Gen set owned by Dave King of Ipswich.

A view down the engine line with Rob Vince's 1931 1 1/2 hp Petter M in the foreground, with my pumpset next in line, oops I wasn't going to show a picture of that was I...........

Some of the Military vehicles in attendance including the Russian ATLM.

see Al, there are some still about, a three wheel Scammell truck.

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