West Bergholt Historic Vehicle Rally 2003

The Rally was poorly attended this year, partly, I suspect due to the lack of the Military Tattoo which was cancelled some months ago due to the uncertainty of the war in Iraq. Another problem was the lack of signs which we understand the council would not allow. Sunday was a better day with many more cars and public than Saturday but still not well supported.

There is never a large entry of Stationary engines, and this was no exception with around 28. See below for some of the sights around the Rally field.


Hartop hartop owner relaxing Bamford EV1 Lister L
This is an unusual, mid 30s 1.25hp Hartop model M which spent most of its life at a farm near Ipswich pumping water as required. Owned by John Southall from Willisham. And here is John in classic Engine man pose. well it was a relaxing weekend This is a nicely turned out 1944 Bamford EV1 1.5hp. Note the hinged block to gain easy access to the crank etc. This is owned by John Morton from Sudbury This is an early 30s hopper cooled Litster L. Bought in a seized condition, this was restored early this year. This was a late entry so I did not realise it was not in the program.
Lister A Petter M Fire engines Garrett Traction Engine
A 1941 3.5hp Lister A driving a lovely little Lister H1 pump owned by Ron Mansfield from Bulmer An unusual square hopper cooled 1.5hp Petter M. These are 2 stroke petrol/paraffin engines which can make lots of noise and smuts. Owned by R Simpson.


This was part of the Fire and Emergency exhibit A very nicely turned out 1924 Garrett Traction Engine
Steam Lorry Tractors Part of the Large Military display Russian T34 tank
A Lovely Sentinal Steam Lorry A view of some of the tractors on display And some of the Military vehicles And a Russian T34 Tank. Powered by a 28.5 litre V12 500hp engine, this sounded superb.

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