West Bergholt Historic Vehicle Rally 2007

As last year, I thought that this years Rally was very well represented by all sections however the number of Stationary Engines were once again, I thought down on some previous years.

The weather was good most of the time apart from a little rain late on Saturday evening and a squall in the early hours of Sunday morning which nobody from our gang heard, (not sure why). There was a reasonable number of stalls but perhaps not quite so many as last year.

Once again there was some excellent entertainment in the main ring especially on Sunday.

This years Parachute Freefall display was given by The Princess of Wales Royal Regiment  Team who put on a very spectacular display, with all the Paras landing  on or very near the cross. Other entertainment was provide by the Hayley Rilings' motorcycle Stunt Team.

All this and some Country and Western entertainment on Saturday night made for an excellent Rally.

See below for some of the engines and of other sights around the Rally field.

1930 Allalieu Conrey 1929 2hp Fuller and Johnson Model NC 1929 Lister L  1935 3hp "Junior" AK Petrol Paraffin Lister
This is a rare example of a 1930 Allalieu Conrey engine made in Philadelphia owned by Adam Munson fro Stanway. My 1929 2hp Fuller and Johnson Model NC which I decide to give an outing, driving a Lister H1 Shallow well Pump.


This is a 1929 Lister L owned by Dave Ollett from Maldon.

Another Lister, this is a 1935 3hp "Junior" AK Petrol Paraffin model.
1945 3.75hp Lister "A" Unknown Case DC4 Tractors
One more Lister, this is a 1945 3.75hp "A" originally from a Concrete Mixer. I should know what this is but just can't put a name to it at the moment, let me know please. This is one of the many Vintage Tractors on display, a Case DC4 owned by Owen Martin, he drives his Wife to the Rally in the trailer. A view of some of the Tractors.
Citroen Panel Van Motorcycles Packard Motorcycle Display Team
There were many Classic vehicles including this Citroen Panel Van. A nice display of Motorcycles. An American Classic, this is a Packard There was a Motorcycle Display Team doing some god stunts.
Motorcycle Display Team Willys Jeeps Abbott self Propelled Gun VW Van
And some dangerous ones. The American Military were in attendance with some Willys Jeeps Here is an Abbott self Propelled Gun. This VW Van has been considerably shortened, apparently the middle rusted so badly, they cut it out!!!
Mk 11 Lotus Cortina 1963 Bedford "Wheelies" Road Roller
A very nice Mk 11 Lotus Cortina, this brought back memories. A lovely 1963 Bedford. This was one of the vehicles used by the stunt team for "Wheelies", it has a Rover V8 in the back. A very nice Road Roller.
Parachutists Princess Of Wales Royal Regiment Parachutist Landing right on the cross Saturday evening in the rain,
This was a shot I took after the parachutists left the aircraft, it was only later I realised the nose down attitude of the aircraft, I guess to get out of the way. Here comes one of the Princess Of Wales Royal Regiment Parachutists. Landing right on the cross. Saturday evening in the rain, never mind a wee dram goes down well.

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