West Bergholt Historic Vehicle Rally 2005

The Rally was perhaps a bit better attended than last year and the weather was not bad so it was a reasonable weekend. Once again we had an excellent aerobatic display by Nigel Wilson in his Yak 52 on Sunday followed again by the Army Red Devils Parachute Freefall Team display which was, as usual very spectacular, especially when some of them arrived in the ring at about 40 mph before flaring out and landing on the cross.

There is never a large entry of Stationary engines, and this was similar to last year with around 30. See below for some of the engines and of other sights around the Rally field.


1930 Bradford JAP JAP driving a 24v generator Lister D driving a very large saw blade
A very original 1930 Bradford owned by W Parmenter from Stanway A nicely restored little JAP Another JAP, this one driving a 24v generator This is a Lister D driving a very large saw blade. The owner sensibly did not engage the drive during the Rally
Lister B in working clothes Lister D driving a grinding wheel. D driving a Bentall Grinder Norman
I think this was a Lister B in working clothes This is Nathan with his latest acquisition, a very original Lister D driving a grinding wheel. Another D, this time driving a Bentall Grinder. A very nice Norman, I think owned by R Wenham from Pitsea
1950 Wessex truck Vintage Motorcycles buses and coaches Jaguar SS
This is Ray Dudley's very nice 1950 Wessex truck. A nice display of bikes. And a good number of buses and coaches. A very Nice Jaguar SS, just one of the many Classic cars on Sunday.
1930 Ford Model A Fowler Steam Roller Peterbilt breakdown truck Leyland Flatbed
A beautiful 1930 Ford Model A A Fowler Steam Roller A huge Peterbilt breakdown truck This is a very nice Leyland Flatbed, I should have hung around longer for the people to move !!
A row of tractors more tractors And yet more ex Army searchlights
A row of tractors and more tractors And yet more These are ex Army searchlights once used in the Colchester Tattoo.

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