Power Of The Past Rally 2002

Wantisdon, Suffolk.

Once again this was an excellent Rally with a huge number of working events. These included horse drawn ploughs, tractor ploughing, a very large number of equipment driven by Traction engines and a lot of entertainment provided by the Military vehicles (although they did cover everything in dust)

There was again quite a good turn out of Stationary Engines and a lot more "cag" stalls this year.

For the exhibitors, there was no group this year, but we were admirably entertained by the usual crowd.

A 1919 Amanco Hiredman 2.2hp driving a Climax deepwell Jack & Pump owned by M Gooderham from Nedging Tye. (Sorry about the angle on the Pump).

I have to admit to not looking at this engine too closely, as I thought it was a Blackstone. In fact it is a very original condition 1912 Tange Hot bulb AA 7hp driving a Tange pump owned by P Neave of Smallburgh. 

A very nicely restored Fowler PA 1.5hp driving an Argosy pump owned by T Searles from Maldon.

Another original condition engine, a 1911 Hornsby 6hp hot bulb owned by M Eckton from Epping.

Here is David Cragie with his 1934 1 1/2hp Lister DK driving a Liner 3" sludge pump.

This is Colin Cracknell's lovely 1938 Lister D 1.5hp 110V Generator set, Colin is from Gt Henny.

I suprised Dave Eaton with his 1926 Petter M 3hp. Out of picture is his Climax no 1 Pump. Dave is from Little Hallingbury.

I think I took a pic of this last year, but it is a really superb 1932 2hp Petter M driving a GEC/Petterlight 1kw 110V lighting plant. This is owned by C Sant from Harrogate.

A 1922 Powell 2hp open crank driving a Powell water pump. It looks as though I suprised this guy as well, he is C Kerridge from Finningham.

A 1930 Ruston & Hornsby ZPR  (PMH) 2.25hp. This was owned by K Miller from Bacton.

Mick Bugg ploughing with his Allis Chalmers tractor.

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