Power Of The Past Rally

Wantisdon, Suffolk.

Unfortunately, the weather had quite a say during this years Rally with drizzle on Saturday afternoon, and heavy showers on Sunday afternoon. That apart, this was an excellent Rally with a huge number of working events. These included horse drawn ploughs, tractor ploughing, a very large number of equipment driven by Traction engines and a lot of entertainment provided by the Military vehicles around a large 4X4 track. The 50 ton Tank was worth seeing alone.

There was also quite a good turn out of Stationary Engines but little in the way of "cag" stalls or engine orientated bits for sale.

For the exhibitors, there was quite a lot of entertainment on Saturday evening mainly centred around the beer tent but there was some folk singing in another building which was both interesting and amusing.

My Lister, once again ran all weekend with no problems.

A superb Petter M driven "Petterlight" generating set.

A view down one side of the main engine paddock.

And the other side.

A purpose built unit to transfer the drive from a steam engine, to a number of items, a reciprocating saw is on the left of the picture sawing a tree into large planks. 

One very old girl belt starting another.

A tank driver having fun on the large purpose built battle area.

Even the russians were here.

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