Thurlow and Haverhill Steam and Country Rally 2006

The Thurlow and Haverhill Rally was once again held at Horseheath Point to Point Racecourse on A1307 Haverhill - Cambridge Road. This is an excellent medium size Rally however the Steam engines entry was a bit down at 24 this year, but they still a good display of "Hot Fog".

One of the biggest attractions at the show, which is sponsored by the East Anglian Daily Times, was The Big A, the second oldest Burrell engine which was making its debut at the Rally.

There were around 47 Stationary engines entered which was a bit up on last year so maybe the move last year met with approval and the word got out. As usual there was some good entertainment in the ring, including "Hayley Rilings Motorcycle Display" on Sunday with a display of motorcycles leaping through burning straw and the like.

There was also some timber sawing and straw baling by steam while the usual classic cars, commercial vehicles and plenty of Vintage Tractors

Popular local band the Bumpstead Boys was among the musical attractions, which also included country and western singer Tony Weston and Winston the Singing Farmer who kept the crowds entertained, mingled with the visitors and displayed some of his Norfolk wit.

The weather was kind this year which always helps and there was, as usual plenty for the general public to see, some of the sights from around the Rally Field are below.

Amanco Hired Man Amanco "Hired Hand" Amanco "Three Mule Team" Bamford
A very nicely restored Amanco Three Mule Team, no number so I do not have any more details. This is another Amanco, a "Hired Hand" driving a cream seperator owned by T Ireland from Hitchin. And this looks like a very nicely restored Amanco "Four Mule Team" again, no number. Here is a nice little Bamford that I would guess a 2hp from around the mid 20s.
2.5hp 1926 Bamford "Tulip Top" Bamford BSA Power Unit 1919 6hp Fairbanks Morse
A 2.5hp 1926 Bamford "Tulip Top" owned by Les Beaumont from Newmarket. Another Bamford, I think this belongs to Dave Monk from Newmarket Often used for Horticultural purposes is this little BSA Power Unit. A big engine, is this 1919 6hp Fairbanks Morse owned by R Ellington from Eaton Socon.
1919 6hp Fairbanks Morse Galloway complete with the "Webster tri-polar oscillator" Magneto. 1.5hp 1918 Hercules 1909 9hp Richard Hornsby hot bulb engine
OOPS, another view of the same engine. This is Tony Bradford's Galloway complete with the "Webster tri-polar oscillator" Magneto. A very nice 1.5hp 1918 Hercules owned by C Todd from Sandy. This is a magnificent example of a 1909 9hp Richard Hornsby hot bulb engine owned by J Mitcham from Eley.
Air cooled Lister ABL 1945 2hp Ruston Hornby PB 1933 1hp Stuart Turner P4 1920 Tange Gas Engine
An engine not often seen on the Rally field is this air cooled Lister ABL which was made under licence from the Wisconsin Motor Corp of America. This is owned by Rob Vince from Ipswich. This is a 1945 2hp Ruston Hornby PB driving an Argosy pump owned by T Brown from Duxford. Here is a little 1933 1hp Stuart Turner P4 driving a John Bean twin cylinder piston pump used in firefighting normally mounted on the front of early Land Rovers. A very unusual 1920 Tange Gas Engine driving a "Lion 4" water pump. This was displayed by P & S Sole from Leister.
1942 1.5hp Wolseley WD 1 1.5hp Wolseley WD8 A large display of Spark Plugs Willys Jeeps
A very nice 1942 1.5hp Wolseley WD 1 owned by D Pettican from Essex. The engine is driving a Leo pump. Another Wolseley, this is a 1.5hp WD8 driving an Argosy twin piston Pump owned by N Catlin from Tiptree. A large display of Spark Plugs presented by Gerald Seeley from Woolpit. A number of Willys Jeeps were on display.
A couple of very original Fordson Tractors A little Fergie Foden Steam Lorry Steam Engines
Here are a couple of very original Fordson Tractors A little Fergie, one guess what this guy does for a living. A beautiful Foden Steam Lorry And a large entry of Steam Engines made a superb show
Helicopter 1918 4 nominal hp Garrett Steam Tractor "Adventurer" Haley Rilings Haley Rilings
Helicopter rides were available. A nice front view of a 1918 4 nominal hp Garrett Steam Tractor "Adventurer" This was Haley Rilings during part of her Motorcycle display And another shot of Haley crashing through burning wood and straw.
Sunset 5 nhp Burrell Showman's Engine "Margaret"
The Sun sets at the end of the first day A 5 nhp Burrell Showman's Engine "Margaret" outside the beer tent on Sat evening.

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