Thurlow Steam & Country Show 2002

Thurlow Suffolk

This Years show was spoilt by the weather which held on Saturday until the early evening and then rained steadily for most of the night. On Sunday the heavens opened around 2.30 and washed the rest of the Rally out. The rain more or less stopped by 3.45 but by then, the small numbers of public that had decided to venture out had long gone so we packed up and went home.

There was a lot to see from vintage tractors, classic cars, military vehicles to a large number of steam engines but not such a good turn out of Stationary engines but again, I guess  it was the weather forecast that put them off.

The Honda Imps were due to perform on Sunday, but following the tragic accident last week they were replaced with some guys with tricked up Minis whch was reasonably entertaining, especially the car which was two minis front halves back to back. Two drivers, with steering front wheels at each end....Then it blew apart leaving the two halves to race aroud the ring seperately, I forgot the camera so no pics I am afraid.

A few of the engines on display.

A lovely 1923 2 1/2hp Bamford Tulip Top owned by J Mitcham from Sandy.

A 1935 Crossley PH 1039 petrol paraffin but did not appear in the program so I do not know the owner.

 An unusual engine, this is a 1924 Fuller & Johnson 2 hp hit and miss owned I think by R Greensmith of Thorney.

An open crank 1924 1 1/2 hp Hercules owned by the same R Greensmith of Thorney.

A lovely example of a 1915 6 hp Richard Hornsby Lamp start oil engine owned by Mr R Lee from Knebworth.

Rob Vince's 1931 1 1/ hp Petter M driving a Climax domestic pump.

Another unusual engine, a 1919 2hp Pilter 2YA owned by H Stannard from Rushden driving a linseed oil cake breaker.

A Ruston Hornsby PB, I normally identify the owner from the program by the number, but in this case...........

A very nicely restored Ruton Hornsby PT 2 1/4 hp owned by Paul Pearman from Wisbech. 

Loads of tractors, a view of a few of them.

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