Strumpshaw Steam Engine Rally 2008

We did not enter an Exhibit this year however we went for the day on Sunday and just like last year the heavens opened and it rained non stop for the whole day.

Apparently, the show was, well attended by the public on Saturday and I was a bit surprised to see quite a number on Sunday but nothing like the usual numbers of course. Once again there was a wide variety of Stationary engines but most of course were covered whilst we were there.

The Museum is still a good attraction for  the public with Organ recitals and a number of Steam exhibits.

I took the little Canon Ixus out and took a few pictures of the hardy (or was it foolhardy) engine exhibiters who braved the rain, some of which are below.

View of the engine pen 1909 3hp Hot Bulb Paraffin engine 1954 Lister D
This is a 1920/21 2.25hp "Amanco Hired Man" owned by D Fuller fromNorwich Here is the depressing view of the engine pen at 11:30am This is a 1909 3hp Hot Bulb Paraffin engine owned by Paul Neave from Smallburgh Norwich. A keen Mark Wilden tends his 1954 Lister D in the rain, Mark is from Ipswich.
1941 Lister A American Maytag driven Washing Machine. all Hopper cooled Petter M Ruston Hornsby AP
Here is a 1941 Lister A owned by E Smith from Norfolk and an unusual colour Lister D Anyone want their washing done? here is an American Maytag driven Washing Machine. This is a nice Ball Hopper cooled Petter M, this is the calibrator model driving a Lister NX21 Oat crushing Mill. And a very wet Ruston Hornsby AP driving a  Climax Pump owned by L Neave from Norfolk
Grey Furgies 1913 Fowler Showmans Engine "Girlie
This is a nice row of "Grey Furgies" and a few Massey Harris Tractors A beautiful 1913 Fowler Showmans Engine "Girlie".

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