Strumpshaw Steam Engine Rally 2003

We were placed in "the play pen" again this year and the organisation was much better with numbers in the program. This was a superb Rally, bigger than last year with something for everyone including lots of "hot fog". The Engine turn out was good with around 85 engines, and a good selection of large ones, which were sited in the same field as all the others this year. We were blessed with good weather especially on the Sunday and Monday and the crowds flocked in. It may be that the Mildenhall Air show being cancelled, but on Sunday they were 5 deep at times in front of our engines.

Picture of me as requested My Fuller & Johnson on it's first Rally Rob's Faibanks Lister D and Godwin pump
A picture of yours truly, as requested by John My 1929 Fuller & Johnson 2hp NC on it's first Rally 1923 1 1/2hp Fairbanks Morse Z type owned by Rob Vince of Ipswich Lister D driving a Godwin pump as supplied by Godwin in 1946 owned by John Southall of Willisham near Ipswich
New Holland Galloway 1918 2 1/4hp Amanco Bamford
1920 2hp New Holland owned by Mick Lowe from Slough 1916 Galloway owned by Mr A Bradfield from Cambridgeshire 1918 2 1/4hp Amanco owned by Mr A Sadler of Norfolk An unusual large Bamford which I did not get a chance to find out some more detail of.
air cooled Bamford Blackstone Lampstart. Fairbanks Bulldog Coventry Victor
A 1938 2hp air cooled hit & miss Bamford 1909 5hp Blackstone Lampstart owned by Mr D Monk from Suffolk. 1916 Fairbanks Bulldog owned by Mr I Drake from Norfolk A Coventry Victor twin of unknown vintage owned by Mr M Coe of Suffolk. I had never seen one before at a Rally.
Crossley driving corn crushers etc. De-Lavel Fairbanks Vertical Hamworthy
A real working display, a large 1936 Crossley driving a pair of corn mills and a Bamford cake crusher. This was owned by Dale Walker from Suffolk. An unusual engine in original condition. This is a 1925 1 1/2hp De-Laval originally fitted with a cream separator. Owned by Mr A Sadler from Catfield Norfolk A 1906 Fairbanks Morse "Jack of all Trades" owned by Mr D Culley from Norfolk. A 1931 Hamworthy Patent oil Engine owned by Mr G Cole from Suffolk
Lister A with Cley Corn Mill Lister CS Diesel Petter M Petter Atomic
A very nice working exhibit, a 1949 Lister A driving a very nicely restored Cley Corn Mill. A beautifully restored 1936 3 1/2hp Lister CS Diesel owned by Mr D Southam from Buckinghamshire A 1926 Petter M owned by Dave Eaton from Herts. One of the bigger engines at the show, a 1935 30hp Petter Atomic 2 stoke Diesel owned by Steve Green from Norfolk
Allen Diesel Twin Petter S 2hp vertical Pilter Model YA. 16hp Richard Hornsby oil engine
A 1935 Allen twin cylinder Diesel. This is started using the PTO from a tractor driving a mini wheel held against the flywheel. This is owned by Mr D Loades from Norfolk. An unusual use for the cooling tank on this 1937 8hp Petter S owned by Mr L Harvey from Norfolk, his two sons had a hot bath at the end of the day. An unusual engine, a 1919 2hp vertical Pilter Model YA. This was owned by Mr D Culley from Norfolk. Another big display, a 16hp Richard Hornsby oil engine
Triumph Tank cooled Wolsely WD 8 Crossley PH 1040. 12hp Ruston
Another unusual engine, a 1910 4 1/2hp Triumph oil engine owned by Mr K Goate of Norfolk It had not run for 33 years prior to the Rally...and they got it running. A very nicely restored 1949 tank cooled Wolseley WD8 A 1931 3 1/2hp Crossley Model PH 1040 owned by Colin Cracknell of Gt Henney Suffolk Another big engine, a 1908 12hp Ruston and Hornsby oil engine
The girls Amanco 6hp The Princess Showmans Engine.. Model T ford Charabanc
The girls, relaxing after a "hard slog" round the Rally Field Another good working exhibit, a 1917 6hp Amanco owned by Mr P Neave from Norfolk. The Princess Royal, a superbly restored Showmans Engine. A superbly restored Model T Ford Charabanc originally used to run the public up and down the sea front at seaside resorts, note the 3 rows of seats.

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