Strumpshaw Steam Engine Rally 2001

I suspect that the lack of Rallies to attend made this years Strumpshaw Rally a lot bigger. The weather was very good, and I think from the public's perspective, this was an excellent Rally with a lot to see and do.

From a Stationary Engine Exhibitors point of view, at first a lot of people were disgruntled, as we were placed in "the play pen" which was not very easy to find, however late on Saturday, they put up signs directing the public to us, and even better, was that the overflow car park was in the field behind us so the public came from the car park straight into our field.

See below, some of the sights and I make no apology that it has a distinctive leaning to Stationary Engines.


My Lister D and the Lister pump giving Wallace and Grommet a shower as usual.


My Friend Rob Vince's Petter M with Climax pump giving Barbie a shower


Another friend, John Southall with a very nice Petter M Appletop driving a rare Lions Pump


Colin Cracknell, (on the left) and John Southall ralaxing behind their engines.

A very nicely restored Fairbanks Morse Z Type


Another superb restoration of a Blackstone Hot Bulb Engine


This was my favourite, a Lister CS 3.5/1 Diesel


A lister A Junior


"Quo Vadis" Must be the biggest Showmans Engine I have seen


This is one of my favorite tractors. A Field Marshal Mk 111

These Tractors are around 6 litre SINGLE Cylinder Diesels. Starting is by a "Wick" introduced in the front, and then you have about six revolutions to wind before the decompressor jumps off the flywhhel and compression is restored. I guess you then hope it fires !!!

More to come, WATCH THIS SPACE

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