Rougham Air Display and Classic Car Show 2009

Despite being sited once again to one side of the overflow car park, the weather was reasonable, especially on Sunday however we found that despite having a number of Military exhibits opposite, the few members of the public who wandered to the end of the Military tended to turn round and walk back without coming across to look at the Engines.

Having said that it is a good event for the public with lots to see, and the Flying was superb.

Here are some of the engines and some shots of the Aircraft.

1934 1.5 to 2hp Blackstone JAP Pumping Set Jumbo Steam Car
This is a 1934 1.5 to 2hp Blackstone owned by Peter Foster from Leiston. Here is a little JAP Pumping Set.

A very nice American Jumbo open Crank Engine.

An unusual site is this little Steam Car.
American Military Jeeps Military Police DC3 F86 Sabre
A large Number of American Military Jeeps were on show. Here is a mock up of Military Police at the entrance to the Runway. A very early DC3 This is the oldest flying Cold War Jet, the F86 Sabre.
Folland Gnat Hurricane Avro Lancaster Yak Aerobatic Trainer
A couple of Folland Gnat jets which used to be the Aircraft flown by the Red Arrows before going over to the BAE Systems Hawk. A superb sight is the Hurricane. And of course the Avro Lancaster. This is Nigel Willson's Yak Aerobatic Trainer.
Spitfire and a P51 Mustang Mustang Sally B Spitfire on the ground
A Spitfire and a P51 Mustang, unfortunately I cut the nose of the Spit, my excuse? they were doing a very low level pass at about 250 knots, BRILLIANT. Another shot of the Mustang Rougham was a B17 Base during WW11 so it was fitting that Sally B flew over. Here is a shot of a Spitfire on the ground.
Spitfire in the air Spitfire in the air
And in the Air. And another.

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