Ploughs to Propellers 2005

This is a 1940s weekend, so had a small number of most exhibits that you would see at a Rally with the theme squarely on the 40s There is a lot to see for the 40s enthusiast from the Control Tower Museum and new Nissan hut exhibitions to plenty of  Military exhibits which truly gave a feel for what it was like during WW11 when Rougham Airfield played a part in the Battle of Britain and if you are a Willis Jeep enthusiast there were plenty there.

The "Silver Bird Disco" was there on Sunday and when it revs its engines and "Takes off" with all the ladies in 40s dress waving goodbye it brings a lump to your throat. The dancers that always appear whenever the disco is around put up there usual excellent display of 40s dancing to music such as that of  Glenn Miller and the big bands, so if you like a good day out in your 40s dress, come along next year.

2hp 1928 Fuller & Johnson Model NC Lister D driving a Lister H1 Pump Coventry Victor Natel Taylor's Wallis & Steevens Traction Engine "Faith"
My 2hp 1928 Fuller & Johnson Model NC And a Lister D driving a Lister H1 Pump A Coventry Victor This is Natel Taylor's Wallis & Steevens Traction Engine "Faith"
Allis Chalmers "B" a Fordson a cabbage planter Military
Here is Malcolm Coe on an Allis Chalmers "B" And Taffy driving a Fordson..... With the girls sitting ready for work on a cabbage planter. Plenty of Military
Military DUKW Rougham Control Tower Museum Morris Dancers
Ready for any sign of an air raid Or floods of course with this DUKW This is the Rougham Control Tower Museum These guys were enjoying themselves.
The "Silver Bird" Disco "Land Army" girls "Land Army" girls Home from Home
The "Silver Bird" Disco complete with propellers. Rosie and Jan the "Land Army" girls And another with Rob Our Home from Home

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