Wings Wheels and Steam Rally 2003

The weather was brilliant and the Rally was bigger than last year with something for everyone from a large Military presence, Steam engines, Stationary Engines, Tractors and the usual Classic Cars and Bikes to the Wall Of Death which is the only working one left in the country.

We were treated to some excellent aerobatic displays by a pair of Stearmans and a superb display by a Russian Yak whose pilot was able to turn it "end over end" which must be very difficult to do.

This was however a small Rally from the Stationary Engine point of view with an entry of around 25 engines. As I have already photographed a lot of them at previous Rallies this year, I have not include many engines below, added to the fact that I managed to get a big greasy fingerprint on the lens........

There were no programs so I am afraid some of the information is a bit sketchy.


Please excuse the quality of the pics below, a greasy fingerprint on the lens has done nothing for the images


Amanco 2.5hp Bamford Bamford Mill Economy
This is Mark Cracknells 1.5hp Amanco, exhibited by his father Colin, driving a Lister H3 Pump A 1939 2hp air cooled Bamford which was the last open crank produced. It is throttle governed and runs on petrol/kerosene. It was driving..... This is the "Bamford rapid Grinding Mill"and the smallest in the range to be engine driven. Could produce 5 bushels of fine flour an hour An American Economy engine. There were not many of these imported the owner of this one brought two along.
Lister A Lister D Petter M Bamford
A very Nice Lister A driving a rare Fleurie corn mill A Lister D driving a Blake pump with an unusual "Beer barrel" display Rob Vice's Petter M driving a Climax water pump This was the David Brown Tractor club with some very early models.
Tank tank Stearman airobatic aircraft Biggles
An M24 "Chafee" American light tank. With rubber inserts in the tracks this was fairly quiet The owner having fun roaring it about on Saturday evening A Stearman Aerobatic aircraft. This and another put on an excellent air display This guy roared around the Rally field on this contraption playing music from the Battle Of Britain and stopping periodically to relate his battles with the Red Baron...........

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