Lister 2 HP Engine with HP2 Water Pump on Lister trolley used in a Market Garden.

Restoration during Winter 2001/2002

Built March 1945

Supplied by Farrow and Sons of Spalding England

Plant No 20085P 

Engine number 193277 2 HP 

Pump No 12374S

Pump turns at 300 R.P.M   250 galls per hour   Max pressure 400 P.S.I

I have spent a couple of hours a night for the last two Months on the restoration.

The Trolley was quite difficult as I wanted to get back to the original Oak but years of oil, sludge, and Grime had soaked well in to the wood. However, after using a power plane, I have got the effect I wanted, as the more deeply seated stains add to the depth of the grain, so in the end I was quite pleased.

I made no attempt to fill in where chunks of the wood were missing, as after all, it is 57 years old now. See below for a pic of the trolley in more or less restored condition.


Yes, I know I have placed the engine and pump mounting plates on the wrong way, but this was just for the photo.

I have now more or less finished the engine restoration, just waiting for some warm weather for the final coats of paint. The pump body is finished ( again apart from final painting) I will take some pics next week and post them.

Here are a few pics of the restoration so far, sorry that a couple are a bit large (file size that is) The engine has loads of compression and runs a treat, I have removed one of the governor springs to keep the revs down for display on the Rally Field.


Since taking these pics, I have sprayed the exhaust with heat resistant paint, painted inside the hopper and picked out the "Lister" on the cylinder head in red. Yes I know, this was not original, but it does look good.


Nearly finished, just a few minor things to sort out, what to pump the water in and out of for one. Had to modify the winch board in the Land Rover to get the engine in as the height was critical.




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