Lister 2 HP Engine with HP2 Water Pump on Lister trolley used in a Market Garden.

I have just agreed to buy this fairly unusual Lister pumping set, (14th August 2001). I have only ever seen one before, in essence, it is a Lister D 2HP (dated between Feb. and March 1945) along with an HP2 pump.

 The pump is chain driven from the engine, and is mounted on a Lister wooden trolley with cast axle trucks. The set is complete with hoses, pressure gauge on the pump and spray lance.

Both engine and pump turn over however there is no compression. I am hoping that it is just a case of stuck rings. The silencer has rusted away, carb spindle is seized, governer spring rusted away etc. but basically it is complete.

Click here for Restoration details and Pics

And click here for the final result

Well, here it is, looking a bit sorry for itself. It came complete with all the hoses (although some of them are perished) and the spray gun, but not the lance attachment which I have seen on one other pumpset like this.


The engine unfortunately had water in it, and both valves are stuck open.

I guess I will have to whip the head off and check for cracks. Not the end of the world.


A close up of the pump which I think is OK apart from a bit of wear in the arms where I guess the greasers were not used much, hopefully the wear is not too bad.


A close up of the brass plate on the trolley, one of the things that makes this set complete and original.

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