Lister Water Pump

I purchased the Lister Water Pump from a rally in the middle of Summer 2000 for 50.00 The Owner originally wanted 65.00 however I felt that was too much although it was in totally restored and repainted condition.

The Pump has proved to be a good buy, as apart from mounting it on a piece of hardwood, and making up some pipes to a large plastic tank, I have had to do no work to get it to show condition.

This is an example of a Domestic Shallow Well Pump with a capacity of 250 Galls. per hour, a total head of 80 Feet and a maximum suction lift of 25 Ft.

They have been used extensively on Farms and other property that had a well, normally driven by a 1/4 HP. Electric motor bolted to the top although they were of course capable of being driven by a Stationary Engine such as the 1 1/2 HP Lister D. 

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