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Dating Lists for Lister Engines Page 5

Lister Engines post 1951 - all models

Serial No & Code 163 HRW 2 A 24 R S M MG MP MGR V .01
Item a b c d e f g h j k m n p

Number item Description Number item Description
a Serial number of that engine in the year of manufacture b Engine type
c Number of cylinders (where required) d Code letter Z or A - Anticlock rotation
e Year of manufacture (add to 1950) f Code letter R - Radiator cooled
g Code letter S - Seawater cooled (not used much) h Code letter M - Marine auxiliary
j Code letter MG - Marine propulsion k Code letter MP - Marine propulsion
m Code letter MGR - Marine propulsion with reduction gear n Code letter V - Engines for Lister-built gensets
p Build number - always prefixed by a dash ( - ) Letter 'S' IMMEDIATELY after engine type letters = Turbo

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