Links to Sites I have found useful and interesting.

By Pete Aldous

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Farm Machinery Preservation Society Stationary engine decals, books etc Ken's Picture Links Castell Pridd Farm in Wales (Museum Of Internal Fire)
FMPS Melford Rally Farm Machinery Preservation Society For Sale and Wanted Rally badges (An Aussi site but useful pics of badges) John Ambler's homepage
Eric Brain's Stationary Engine Pages and Links Suffolk Area Military Vehicle Trust.  Steve's old Engine Shed Old

David McCreath's Stationary Engine website

Keith Smigle's Associated (Amanco) web site Peter and Rita Forbes Engine pages George Drewett's Stationary Engine web site
Simon Taylor's web site including the restoration of a Lister B Andrew Eatch's web site featuring the Jap 2A Generating set. The Fens Vintage web site. Sussex and Kent Weald Stationary Engine Group

Bob Lester's Old Engine Pages

Bamfords Engine and machinery group Anson Museum Finding Old Iron

Vester Strodam Engine Collection

Rolands Yard (Listers Petters etc.) Wolseley Stationary Engine Web site in Australia. WealdPower
Sussex & Kent Stationary Engine Club.
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