Kent Steam and Transport Rally

Kent County Showground, Detling

This was the second time we attended this Rally and it seemed even bigger than last year

Again, it had more autojumble stalls than any Rally I have attended, and the same can be said of classic cars and motorbikes. There were not that many Steam Engines or Military vehicles but still enough for those interested in them.

There were also a great many stalls, and over 100 Stationary engines again, all in all, another great Rally.

The weather tried its best to drown us on Friday morning and we had some heavy bursts on Saturday morning but after that it cleared up and a good time was had by all.

As usual, apologies for the time taken to load this page, no time to do anything else, should be worth the wait.

My Pumpset ran all weekend without any problems although the bushes for the main gear wheel spindle are getting worn, I will have to make some new ones this winter.

Rob Vinces Fairbanks also ran a treat all weekend so Rob could relax (He is going to hate me for this).

This was a superb example of a 1950 Lister CS 12/2 12hp Diesel owned by S & L Eldridge of Minster Isle of Sheppey.

A nice little Stuart Turner but NOT driving the pump as the placard says cos Bob forgot the belt !!!!

He made up or it though by bringing this very nice 1958 Velocette Venom. Both the above owned by Bob Anderson from Caterham Surrey.

An unusual little Gen set, a 1930 Villiers "Marvel" owned by J.Smith also from Caterham Surrey.

This was Mr Sidwell's 1959 650 Matchless. He also brought a Stationary Engine as well as the Bike.

A very nice Ruston Hornsby 11 bhp type 1ZHR originally used for testing  Marine Lubricants with a variety of fuel oils by the Castrol Engine Test Centre in Hayes Middlesex

A very interesting exhibit was supplied by Mr Merritt of West Farleigh Kent. He is a Master Woodturner and Carpenter and spent most of Sunday displaying his skills. The Lathe is driven by a 1 1/2 hp Wolsey WD11.

An Amanco "3 Mule Team" 3 hp driving a Lion pump owned by J Lambert from Strood Kent.

A delightful selection of BSA Power Units, I have one very similar. Exhibited by E Walling from Ashford Kent

What about this for a superb display of Dairy equipement owned by N Buckler of Whitstable Kent. Driven by a faithful 1945 Wolseley  1/2 hp WD11.

A 1939 6 hp Ruston Hornsby A.P. owned by F Rush from Faversham Kent.

A good old faithful, a 1948 Ruston Hornsby P T driving a bilge pump from a barge no less. This was owned by B Sparkes.

The program has this as a 1924 1 1/2 hp Stuart open crank, don't remember seeing one before. This was owned by B Scott of Batle East Sussex. 

This was the "Kangaroo Kid" from Australia who did all sorts of stunts using tricked up Quad bikes, good show, if predictable.

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