Henham Steam Rally 2003

I think a lot of people were concerned about the temporary move this year to the Norfolk Showground but I think that the organisers did a good job given difficult circumstances.

Almost everyone I spoke to enjoyed the Rally with just the odd one or two who did not like the "clinical" layout of the site, preferring of course the Henham Estate but for a one off, I think it worked.

The Stationary engines were situated either behind a long fence backing on to the road, or in one of two compounds depending on the size of the engine and I have to say the size of the entry was impressive, 112 were booked in, and I reckon they all turned up, a great display. The weather was also favourable which helped make the weekend very enjoyable.


This is a 2hp 1938 air cooled Bamford  owned by Mr C Kerridge of Stowmarket Suffolk Another Bamford, this open crank hopper cooled model was not as program and owned by Sid Watling from Great Glemham A Bamford 3hp OV1 vertical model owned Mr G Hawley of Leicestershire. Note the fuel tank around the cooling tank, a feature unique to Bamford. A very unusual Benz and Spol engine dating from 1900. Owned by Mr M Sandaver from Wragby
A 1914 Blackstone Portable Oil Engine owned by Norman Wasteney from Essex. This was an extremely noisy and smoky engine....wonderful stuff. I never seemed to be around when the owner of this unusual engine was around, the number spent all weekend face down on the ground I am sure someone will tell me what it is. My Fuller and Johnson spent all weekend running well. The engine water we were supplied came from a detergent tank...hence the authentic bubbles in Wallace's shower. A superb restoration of a 1930 Villiers WX11 owned by Ray Dudley from Basildon Essex
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A 1908 Hornsby oil engine mounted on its own trailer. A beautiful example of one of my favourite big engine owned by Mr G Shingles from Norwich. Another Richard Hornsby, this is a 1912 16hp model, again, trailer mounted. This was owned by Mr B Talbot from Norwich. Another Portable Hornsby Oil Engine is this 1918 8hp model owned by Mr S Last of Saxted. And finally a 1910 5hp petrol model is the 4th Hornsby engine to catch my eye. This was owned by Mr S Lindsey from Ikleford.
A big American Ingeco. This 1915 5hp model is owned by Mr D Culley from Wroxham.  A nice restoration of a 1922 6hp Lion owned by Mark Watling from Gt Glemham. This was the first outing for this 1933 Lister CS 5/1 Startomatic. Still  in the restoration stage it ran all weekend without missing a beat. Owned by Peter Earl from Stowmarket it was a real treat to the ears. Another 5/1, this was a radiator cooled model driving a deep well pump.Owned by Mr C Leech from Brampton
Not usually seen on the Rally field is this 1956 Lister LD1 Diesel owned by Darren Foster from Leiston This is a 1919 5hp Petter M tank cooled model which was in superb working condition and owned by Mr T Read from Norwich Another Petter, this is a 1927 5hp "Handyman." This petrol Paraffin engine is owned by Mr C Self from East Dereham. This is a 1926 1.5hp Petter M complete with copper tank owned by David Eaton from Herts.
I have photographed this engine before but it is a superb restoration. Owned by David Cook from Harleston, this is a 1927 Ruston LP driving a Lister H7 pump. An unusual exhibit is this 1900 Spong hot air engine. This used to drive a number of implements including a coffee grinder and a dentists drill. Owned by Mr G Barber from Halesworth. A 7hp model AA Tangye hotbulb engine. This is part of the Neave collection and was driving a Tangye pump. A 1937 1.5hp Canadian Witte which was believed to have been in a stately home driving a standby water pump. This was owned by Mr K Archer and Mr C Self

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