Henham Rally

Henham, Suffolk.

Despite the change of venue to a farm about a mile north of the normal Henham site which was on a large stubble field, the Rally was well attended.

The weather was the usual sunshine and showers that we had last year, but it was not bad enough to spoil the Rally, or to cause many people to get stuck.

A large array of Steamers, Military vehicles, Cars and Motorbikes were present, although I was disapointed to see around 30 unused pegs in the two large Stationary engine pens.

Al in all, I think the Rally was better than a lot expected given the sudden change in venue.


Once again, my Lister ran for the whole Rally with no problems.

Rob took his Petter M to Henham, and it ran well with no signs of the previous lubrication problem.

John took his Lister/Godwin pumpset for another outing.

A nicely restored, somewhat unusual Amanco with a water cooled barrel, and an air cooled head. I have been offered one of these, but I think the guy wants too much money for it.

An air cooled Amanco, another nice restoration.

Jimmy Key's Burrell from Strumpshaw.

A local engine (to me that is) from Ipswich, this is owned by my Father's Girlfriend's Brother.

A view down one of the engine lines.

My Elddis complete with both Fiamma awnings, very cosy.

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