Haddenham Steam Rally 2003

What a great weekend. We had some rain on the Saturday but the weather generally was good and there was, as usual, lots to do and see. There were 90 engines booked in, with quite a variation including some nice Hornsby engines.

We enjoyed the Octoberfest Organ and the Julie Hatton Dancers, especially the Can-Can, also a superb turnout of Showmans and Steam engines, on Saturday night there was around 10 Showmans engines round the Beer tent.

A large turnout of tractors was also nice to see, and there was enough to line them up by manufacturer there was also a good turnout of stalls. Once again it was a very good Rally and recommended for everyone.

1914 2.25hp Amanco Hired Man 1940 Bradford and Drake and Fletcher pump Capel 3.5hp Fairbanks Morse
A quite rare 1914 Amanco 2.25hp, note the wider and smaller dia. flywheels than later models. Owned by Mr R Thompson of Holme. A circa 1940 Bradford 2.5hp driving a Drake and Fletcher pump. Owned By Martin Perman from Cople Bedford This nice little 1934 1.5hp Capel model XX won "best enclosed crank engine" of the weekend. Owned by  Mr C Smith from Wimblington Cambs/ A 1927 3.5hp Fairbanks Morse Z type. This was thought to have spent its working life in Sussex driving a sawbench. Owned by P Morphew from Chatteris Cambs.
4hp Amanco Farmhand 1.5hp Fowler with milking machine 1.75hp Gray Gulner Diesel
A really nice 1914 4hp Amanco Farmhand Owned by G Pearson from Sibsey in Boston. An interesting exhibit was this 1939 Fowler PA 1.5hp driving a Gascoine milker and some sheep sheering clippers. Owned by R Albon from Peterborough. This 1916 1.5hp Gray won best open crank exhibit. Owned by E Greensmith from Thorney You don't see an engine like this very often. A 1939 Guldner GL10 10hp Diesel owned by K Millard from Bedford.
6hp Horsby Hornsby 5hp Hornsby 2hp Jaeger
A rare 1919 6hp Hornsby exhibited by T Greensmith from Thorney. Another rare Richard Hornsby oil engine but I could find no number to identify its owner And the third Richard Hornsby engine at the Rally, this was a 5hp. Owned by S Lindsey from Ickleford Herts Another very pretty American engine is this 1924 2hp model GH Jeager owned by G Thomson from Holme.
Lister D sheep shearer Lister D sheepsheearer Lister B Lister CD
A Lister D sheep shearing set (similar to the one I have bought). I chatted to the owner for some time but never got his name and there was no number on it. This lovely Lister D sheepsheerer was part of the large display of belt driven items (see below) A 1951 Lister B driving a Millars sludge pump, a great exhibit. Not often seen on the Rally field is this 8hp Lister CD owned by K Millard from Bedford.
2hp National Petter M Petter M Monitor Jack Pump
Another unusual engine made by the National Engineering Co. is this 1908 2hp "New model" Owned by H Stannard from Rushden Northants. A very nicely restored Petter M 1.5hp owned by Phil Starling from Sawston in Cambs. This was another nice Petter M 1.5hp owned by Rob Vince from Ipswich. It ran all weekend on a main bearing made from a modern synthetic material called nylatron. A 1915 1.5hp type VJ Monitor jack pump. Again this is not the sort of thing you see every day. Owned by R Greensmith from Thorney.
Ruston and Hornsby AP4 2.5hp Standard Farm Pet Attempting to start the newly purchased Alco And it runs.
This was another nicely restored engine by P Starling from Cambs. This is a 1929 Ruston and Hornsby 4hp model AP4 This is a "Standard Farm Pet" made by the Standard Gas and oil engine co. in 1919. A 2.5hp model owned by L Marin from Farcet Peterboro. Rob Vince (on the right) bought this little Alco engine at the weekend and here we are trying to get it started. And ....Yes, it is away courtesy of a rope start by John Southall.
Coventry Climax Generator Row of Allis Chalmers Tractors A working display A veiw down one of the engine lines
This was a Coventry Climax "Godiva no 1" 3.5 kva  Generator set exhibited by A Page from Melbourn Herts. The Allis Chalmers row What a display, this equipment was all driven from a Lister CS Diesel A view down one of the engine lines
This is the first time I have seen The Iron Maiden what a superb engine. A beautiful half size Burrell Showmans engine. Magnificent . The Julie Hatton dancers put on regular shows and were well worth watching. Derek Martin from Eastenders was a guest in Sunday, here he is with Jan, Rosie and T

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