Haddenham Steam Rally 2002

Haddenham, Cambridgeshire.

This was our first visit to haddenham as it normally clashes with Barlylands and we were very impressed.

A really good selection of Stationary Engines, over 80 in total, more Traction Engines, Showmans Engines and Rollers than I have seen together for a long time and a huge area with Tractors, Military, Heavy Horses, Scuba Divers, Vintage Commercials, cars, motorbikes etc. etc. etc.

There really was something for everyone here and we had a good reception from Ron Tuck and his Wife who ran the Stationary Engine section.

We were also pleased to see a large number of stalls which makes a change from a few rallies we have done lately and the entertainement and atmosphere on Saturday night around the beer tent was brilliant and made even better by the Octoberfest Organ and Can Can Dancers. 

All in all, this is not a Rally to miss if you can help it.

I took the Lister pumpset again and Rob Vince took his Fairbanks and Argosy pump, but as you will have seen them in previous reports, I will spare you from looking at them again. Here are a few of the engines and other exhibits that I have not photographed before.


This was one of three Blackstone hot bulb oil engines at the Rally, this is a 1905 6hp exhibited by T.F.Greensmith from Thorney Peteborough. 

A 1941 2 1/2hp Bradford Gas Engine used to power fuel or water bowsers during the Second World War owned by Martin Perman from Bedford.

This was an excelent working display powered by a 1920s 6hp Crossley PE 10-65 "side shaft" type. This was a late entry owned by Dale Walker from Kings Lynn Norfolk (in the background).

A 3hp Fairbanks Morse Z type owned by P.F March from Kettering Northants.

Not seen one of these before, the Programme said 1924 Bamford owned by A Bradfield Upwood Cambs but as you can see, it says Galloway, a nice engine none the less.

Another engine I have not seen before, a 1924 2hp Jeager owned by G Thompson from Holme Peterborough. Another superb restoration that rivals the Fairbanks that I have featured in the past by Mr Thompson.

This was a seriously big Lister, a 1929 type P petrol paraffin 7 hp. This along with the Bamford corn mill was found at the back of an old auction site a couple of months ago. The owner brought it home and it started almost straight away so they decided to rally it  in as found condition. Restoration of the corn mill is next on the agenda. Owned by John Missen from Longstanton Cambridge.

A nice 1943 2hp Ruston Hornsby PB driving a working Corn Mill owned by Richard Albon from Peterborough.

Another engine rarely seen, a very interesting 1924 3 hp American Stickney owned by S Linsey from Ickleford Herts.

I had to look at the program for this one, a 1 hp Stover V owned by J Callow from Towcester.

This exhibit had its own area and deserved it, all driven from a couple of Listers. A really excellent working display. Just out of picture to the left is a lathe as well.

I tend to refrain from taking pictures of all the traction engines etc.as this is after all a stationary engine site but I was impressed with the sheer size of this ploughing engine. For those who have not seen these before, another engine is way across the field, and using the huge cable in the drum underneath, a plough is winched across the field from one engine to the other. Then they both move forward and the plough is winched back, simple eh. Oh, I forgot to mention, the plough has a "steerer" who has to turn the plough at the end of the run ready to go the other way, this does not look easy.

A view across the Rally field with one of the Stationary Engine lines on the right.

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