Farm Machinery Preservation Society Vintage Rally 2003

This is our local Club's Rally and is always a good event with a vast range of vintage machinery etc. to look at. We had a good entry of Stationary Engines this year with around 85 exhibits, some of which were very unusual. I was "gobsmacked" when I was told that my Fuller & Johnson had won "Best restored Stationary Engine", I think judging this sort of thing is very subjective but even so, I was "chuffed". F.M.P.S. is a great club for getting youngsters involved in the hobby of restoring and exhibiting Stationary Engines and there was around 10 really keen youngsters this year.

My Fuller and Johnson Avon Dragsaw Bamford Bernard
My Fuller and Johnson, which won "Best Restored Stationary Engine" at this years Rally and as there was 85 Engines entered, I was very pleased. I have photographed this 1946 3.5hp Avon powersaw before but it is really great to see it once again working as it used to. This is owned by Phil and Richard Westwood from Ipswich  This is a Bamford EG1 driving a 3 blade Bentall Chaff cutter which was found under a hedge in Norfolk. Restored by Mr T Metcalf from Gt.Massingham This is a model W, 2.5hp French Bernard engine made between 1929 and 1935. It was found in France in 2000 and restored by Mr E Kirby from Braintree. 
Moteurs Ceres Fuller & Johnson N Hot Air Engine International
 Another unusual French Engine is this Moteurs Ceres MIA series 4 c1928 4hp. This was part of a French Museum collection before being bought at auction from Usez by Tom Fisher from Arlesford.  This is a 1923 1.5hp Fuller and Johnson Model N. A forerunner of my Fuller, this model has Battery coil ignition. This is owned by Adam Munson from Stanway.  An unusual exhibit is this Heinrici Hot Air engine. This was built in 1901 in Germany and in original condition. Owned by Mr J Webber from Knebworth.  A 1920 3hp Model M International Petrol Paraffin engine owned by Mr and Mrs Turner 
Lister 2L Lister A. Lister A Lister A
 The first of 9 Listers that are nearly all different. This is a 1925 Lister 2L 5hp which spent all its working life on a Farm in Essex. Owned by Mr T Edwards from Sible Heddingham. This was not as program, but a very nice Lister A driving a Lister domestic pump owned by Mr Edwards young son   I photographed this 1949 3.3hp Lister A engine and rare Fleurie corn mill last week but due to a smudge on the lens I could not do it justice. This is owned by Mr D Firmin of Sth Woodham Ferrers This was a very nice 1938 Lister A  driving a Lister H 3 water pump all mounted on a trailer. This won "Best Lister Engine owned by an F.M.P.S member" which was Mr P Meadows from Chelmsford.
Lister B. Lister D Lister L Lister LH
 A 1935 Lister B driving a Lister H2 Water pump owned by Peter Earl from Willisham in Suffolk. This is a rare Lister D 2.5hp at 1150 rpm. One of only six made for use with a compressor, this was shown driving a Boby seed dresser by Mr J Blake from Colchester. A 1917 4hp Lister L which spent its working life driving a Generator owned and restored by Mr G &  Mr B Turner  A Hopper cooled Lister LH owned by Mr R Kirby from Braintree
Lister Sheep shearing set Ruston Hornsby Sawbench Stover
 Last of the Listers that I photographed is this superb display of a Lister D Sheep Shearing set. Exhibited with a lot of shearing tools and equipement by Mr J Searles of Maldon (not as Program)  A 1927 Ruston Hornsby BPR petrol Paraffin engine. Believed to have been used in a Chaff shed or Mill, this was another fine engine exhibited by Mr G & Mr B Turner   I liked this exhibit as it shows another use for the Barn Stationary engine. This is a Ruston PT driving a sawbench Another nice American engine is this 1923 Type RA Stover . Owned by the Kirby Family from Braintree.
Wolseley Traction engine powered circular saw
 One of several very keen young men on Stationary engines was James, who purchased this Wolseley WD 11 at auction only two weeks ago and managed to get it running in time for the Rally. This was a particularly good exhibit which worked tirelessly most of the weekend, a Traction Engine Powered Circular saw. It spent most of its weekend cutting up large trees. 

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