Fuller and Johnson 2hp Type NC 1928/9 Hit & Miss  open crank engine



1929 Fuller and Johnson, 2hp NC, Pictures of the restoration.

A view of the engine block in primer.

Another couple of views.


Here are all the "bits" The mag bracket, governor weight, carb, exhaust rocker and all the valve and hit and miss linkage.

The engine, after it's first coat of colour, lots of rubbing down to do, and more coats of colour. This is the nearest colour I can find to the original which is darker than the familiar "Mid Brunswick Green" of the Listers.

And the other side

The flywheels, I have laid down two coats of colour, and today, after a lot of work with the wet & dry, I have given them another coat.

The head, after spraying with a 600 degree paint. Just got to fit the valves now.

The crank, rod and main caps, also the timing gear at top right.

I have jumped forward with the restoration history a bit, forgot to take pics from above, until now. It is getting there....

Another view "so far".

And another.....

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