Fuller and Johnson 2hp Type NC 1928/9 Hit & Miss  open crank engine


I have just been given of an open crank engine which to start with, I could not identify.

It had a large possibly brass plate on the front of the hopper as there are two rivet holes, quite far apart. The oiler and greasers are missing, mains have a bit of play but the piston and bore seem fine.

It has a Wico mag type EK no 164286, a simple carb which looks as though it sucked fuel from a tank below the carb and an unusual shaped exhaust rocker. On the mag linkage are some letters and numbers that could be something like AT OGP 30 1923

It has the word SNAP stamped in the single solid flywheel.

I have now found out courtesy of Patrick Knight (and others) that the engine is in fact a 1928/9 2hp Fuller and Johnson Type NC.

I have now stripped the engine and it requires a lot of work. The big end and mains require scraping and shimming, the small end has a little play, the rings are slack in the grooves, valve guides are worn plus a whole load of worn pivot pins for the valve gear, governer, mag stricker etc. Oh and the rocker arm is home made and it is missing a flywheel.

I have been in contact with "Hit & Miss" in the States, and they have the parts I require, so I have just got to decide the best method of getting them shipped.

Click here for an ongoing restoration account


A view from behind

Left side.

Another left/front view showing the unusual exhaust rocker.

The letters/numbers stamped on the Mag linkage.

Another rear view showing the governer built in to the flywheel.

A more detailed view of the mag linkage, carb etc.


I was also given this nice little Stuart Turner, it runs apparently and had a box of spares including carbs with it..

This was also part of the package.


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