Fenlands Vintage Country Show 2003

What a great weekend, helped by reasonable weather, the usual friendly A.V.M.E.C. bunch and some good entertainment in the beer tent. There was a good turn out of engines, tractors and motorbikes on Saturday and Sunday however a few did leave on the Monday.

There was plenty to see in the grand ring including audience participation in a number of events including traction engine driving and line dancing, there was also ploughing etc. in a nearby field.

One of the Club members has made up a trailer that you drove a tractor on at one end, then inched you way up to stop at the point of balance. This was very entertaining and needless to say very difficult (see pictures below).

As well as my Fuller and Johnson engine, I took the little Petter M that I bought recently, determined to spend the weekend getting it going. As it was, it ran almost all weekend once I learned how to start it and I have to say even though it is a bit of a pig to start, it runs a treat. I was not in Jan's good books however as "Polly Petter" as it has been nicknamed, spat smuts all over the front of the Caravan on the first day, luckily the wind changed for the rest of the weekend. What it is like to be a Petter owner.........

I was disappointed at the number of stalls, this is never a great Rally for stalls but it was well down this year. All in all though, a nice relaxing weekend, well organised by A.V.M.E.C.

8hp Ingeco John Deere type E Lister D Generator Lister A
This is a 1918 8hp Ingeco Owned by Allan Oglesby From Roxby A very nicely restored 1926 John Deere Type E owned by W Smith A 1945 Lister Lighting set owned by John Southall from Willisham A Rare 1924 2.5hp Lister A Note the single flywheel. This is owned by G Pearson from Boston Lincs
Lister VA air cooled Diesel Lister D Lister DK Lister F
I now know that this was a model VA, apparently rare in the UK as they were mainly exported. This one ran the Beer tent for the whole weekend without missing a beat, noisy though A 1929 Ricardo head Lister D, note the low tank and no float chamber. Owned by J Lowes from Stockton on Tees A really nicely restored Lister DK on an original trolley that was rescued from a farmyard scrap heap. Owned by Peter Means Last of the interesting Listers is this 1939 Lister F. Also owned by J Lowes from Stockton on Tees
Petter M 1.5hp Ruston Hornsby 5hp 6.5hp Blackstone Bradford Amanco
My 1.5hp Petter M running well (at last) What a Lump of cast iron. This is a 1932 5hp Ruston Hornsby owned by Clive Richardson A really nice 1914 6.5hp Blackstone type BW owned by A Baldock A 1928 2hp Bradford Amanco owned by W Smith
Coventry Victor Crossley Maytag Norman generator set
A Coventry Victor Midget owned by Malcolm Coe This was in the program as a Crossley owned by Clive Richardson I now know that in fact it was made by the National Gas Engine Co of Ashton-under-Lyne. A little Maytag, history and owner unknown A 2.75hp Norman T300 24v Generator set as used by the Military for charging batteries. Owned by P Morphew
Petter M square hopper Petter W1H Stuart Stuart Turner P4
A rare Petter M 1.5hp "Benford Hopper" model These were commissioned for driving Concrete mixersby Benfords. This is owned by Clive Richardson At first glance this looks like a Woseley Wd 2 or 8. It is however a 1949 Petter W1H owned by W Ward A lovely little Stuart, owned by Clive Richardson but I have no other details This is a circa 1940 1hp Stuart Turner P4 A lovely little engine.
Wolseley WD 2 Wolseley WD 1 The Motorbike pen Showmans Steam Engine
A really nice 1948 1.5hp Wolseley WD 11 owned by Ken Pearman And its older brother a 1940 2.25hp Wolseley WD  1 owned by B Barker A view of the Motorcycle pen A nice Showmans Engine
A view down the engine line And the other way Coming up in an attempt to balance And coming down
A view down the engine line And up the other way Tractor balancing, very delicate, and very difficult See !!!

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