Fenland Vintage Country Show

Floods Ferry, March Cambridgeshire.

Weather was not quite as good as last year, however it was a very relaxing weekend with a large number of Stationary engines, Tractors, Cars etc. and a few traction engines which made this a good Rally for the enthusiast.

Not much in the way of cag stalls again this year and not that much for the Women except Plant stalls, (Jan came back with half of Kew Gardens AGAIN). There was however some good working exhibits and of course ploughing.

The evening entertainment was excellent as ever, but be prepared to stay up late, Sunday evenings entertainment was still going at 1am but there was no hurry to get up in the morning, great fun. 

My pumpset ran for the whole 3 days with no problem, very satisfying.

John Southall's Godwin pumpset, driven by a 2hp Lister D. There were a number of Ds at the Rally again but most of them were different.

1944 Ruston Hornsby PB owned by Ted Gray From Cambridgeshire, I featured this last Month but it is a very nicely restored example, and anyway, the angle is different this time.

This was Ted's Lister D, (must ask him where he had the flywheel skimmed), another nice restoration.

A very unusual engine, believed to be a 1930 Capel 1 1/2 hp model XX owned by Mr C Mann from Norfolk.

A lovely little 1910 Pinkney gas engine owned by Mr J Mills from Cambridgeshire.

A 1922 Amanco hired man mounted on a trailer driving a pump owned by mr M Thorpe from Linconshire.

Now here is something you do not see every day A Wolseley mounted in a tractor, very unusual.

This is Paul Pearman's very nice 1943 Wolsely WD 11 driving a corn crusher and.......

Here is his very nice 1948 Ruston PT. Paul is from Cambridgeshire.

A 1914 6 1/2 hp Blackstone type BW owned by Mr & Mrs Badcock, a superb example. The windbreak was needed as the wind had got chilly and it was difficult to keep the head hot.

 A 1918 International Harvester "Titan", this is basically a big stationary engine on wheels, interesting to see it driven. This is owned by Mr & Mrs Smith from Cambrigshire.

Another International, this time a 1936 Model F12 also owned by Mr and Mrs Smith.

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