Floods Ferry Rally

Floods Ferry, March Cambridgeshire.

Good weather, a large number of Stationary engines, Tractors, Cars etc. made this a good Rally for the enthusiast.

Not much in the way of cag stalls etc. and not much for the Women except Plant stalls, (Jan came back with half of Kew Gardens).

My Lister ran all 3 days without a problem.


Rob gave his D an airing this weekend, as a matter of fact there were quite a number of Ds at the Rally, and why not.


This is one of only two other Orchard pumpsets I have seen, I hope the restoration of my newly aquired example will be as good as this.

Note that for display purposes the high pressure has been blanked off, and the return used to the tank on the left (out of picture)


As I said, a Lister Rally. This is my friend John's Lister pumpset, built by Godwin the pump manufacurer. This is a heavy old lump.


I tried to purchase this superbly restored Amanco but despite offering the owner what he valued it at, he would not sell it.


This well restored John Deere was owned by the same guy as the Amanco (above) and was another superb restoration.

He did inform me that it had a few mechanical problems and would have to stripped during this coming Winter.

This is Dave King's Norman driving a rotary pump with the "magic tap" display.


A view one way of the engine line, I never got around to take a view in the other direction but there were around 100 engines in total.


A view of some of the vast number of tractors on display.

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