My first Lister D

The story so far.......

( as of the 11th of December 2000 )

I bought the Engine in unknown internal condition for 50.00 in August 2000 from a guy selling lots of junk from a trailer at the 2000 Henham Steam Rally.

After dragging it back to the Engine line up where I was exhibiting my little BSA engine and Lister Water Pump, I added a drop of petrol and cleaned the plug and away it went. It then ran almost continuously for the next day.

It was Manufactured in August 1943, and is a  1 1/2 HP.model with the serial no of 183988 although the brass plate is one from a very early 2hp so must have been changed by someone prior to me buying it.

I have now renovated the trolley, repainted the engine, added new transfers and pics can be seen in all the 2001 Rally Reports.

Photos of my first Lister D

Some Pictures of my BSA power unit driving the Lister well head water pump

A picture of my first Lister D at a Rally in Cambridgeshire 2001.

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