Kent Steam and Classic Vehicle Rally 2003

What can I say, the weather was HOT. The Sunday was so hot that it was an effort to walk round (which I did only once and ended up in the beer tent, funny that).

I think the number of general public was a little down on last year but as we commented "would we pay to go to a Rally in this heat?" I don't think so.

There was the usual superb turn out of Classic cars, Motorbikes, Commercial vehicles, Military etc. but also a good turn out of engines. I have included below, some of the more interesting engines and exhibits but never got around to taking any "scenes".

Allen 19hp Amanco 3 mule team Amanco Chore boy Amanco Hired Man
This is a 1919 Allen Brothers oil engine with hot bulb ignition. This model ED Produces 19hp, and was used in a quarry in Devon. Owned by Pedro Mastrocola from Kent. This is a 1917 Amanco "3 mule team" (About 3hp) Driving a water pump. This is owned by John Lambert from Kent Another Amanco, this time a 1924 1.75hp "Chore Boy" driving a Godwin pump. This was owned by Lawrie Arthur from Kent Yet one more Amanco, this is a 1924 2.5hp "Hired Man" This has been converted to High Tension ignition and exhibited by Lawrie Hammond from Kent.
Crossley Gas engine Gardiner Hercules 6hp Ingeco
A really early 1897 Crossley gas engine (Town gas). In 1898 it was installed on a Farm driving (through a line shaft) a corn crusher and straw chopper. Originally this was a "hot tube ignition but has since been converted to Magneto. This was not in the program so I do not know who owned it. This is a 1/2 size model of a Gardiner "O" type gas engine. beautifully made, I thought this little engine worth a pic. No information was with it and I did not get around to talking to the owner. Again, no number with this one, but I think this is a 1924 1.5hp  Hercules owned by Dave Vickerstaff from Surrey A 1917 6hp Ingeco Owned by Dave Back from Kent. later in the show, this was moved to the Cider making stall to drive an apple crusher.
Kitchen Memorabillia Lister D sheep Shearer Lister JH Lister ?
This is Mrs B's display of Kitchen Memorabillia and was, I thought worth a picture. A Lister D driving a single sheep sheep shearing cutter and a water pump. Not often you see the single unit driven by friction from the flywheel, this was owned by Bill & Catherine Fisher from Kent. A rare 3hp 1931 Lister model JH driving an equally rare Hunt combined Corn Crusher and Mill. This produced flour at regular intervals throughout the weekend, owned by Steve Brunger from Kent. An unusual Lister D. I never got around to chatting to the owner but Lister enthusiasts will realise that this is not your average D.
Lister CS Maytag Ruston Hornsby oil engine Ruston Hornsby PT
A very nice 3hp Lister CS diesel engine driving a generator and pump. This was owned by Bill Smith from Kent. A 1929 Maytag washing machine model 92. This unusual exhibit is owned by Simon Jennings from Essex This is a Ruston Hornsby Oil engine model IZHR. This 11 hp engine is not as old as you think, 1961 in fact, it was used by Castrol as a lubricant test engine. Owned by Melvin Broughton from Kent A 1949 Ruston & Hornsby Model PT driving a Miller Falls Hacksaw owned by R Dudley from Essex.
6hp Ruston Hornsby Stewart Unknown Villiers
A very nice (and heavy) 6hp Ruston Hornsby Owned by Frank Rush from Kent. This 1924 1.5hp Stewart, is I think, a rebadged Stover. Owned by Bill Scott from East Sussex No number, no information board, so what is it? A very nice Villiers driving a genny. I had not realised however that again, no number or info board.

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