Corn/Oat crusher


I have recently acquired a corn crusher (I incorrectly called it a corn mill to start with) of unknown origin. It has two plates on the hopper, the first has "No 1 P.R. Patent" stamped in it, the second is a brass plate which has "Bryan Corcoran Ltd. 81 Mark Lane London" on it.

What is unusual is the chain (just seen in this first picture below) which I have not seen before, and could date the mill to the 30s and not the 40s or 50s which we first assumed. If anyone has any information on this, I would be grateful.

I have now been informed that it  is an Oat Crusher built circa 1900 by Richmond and Chandler of Manchester

A view of the grinding wheels, gears and the pulley which has been added later as it originally was driven by hand (see handwheel below)

Another view of the mechanics of the mill.

This picture shows the wooden legs and the hopper.

A close up of the hopper.

This is the hand wheel originally used to drive it.

One more view.

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