Essex Country Show 2003

Barlylands Farm Museum Billericay Essex

A great Rally as usual with brilliant weather. There really was something for everyone here. There were 127 engines booked in with a wide variety.

There was a lot to see, more than a day is required if you want to see everything. A huge number of working displays including Steam ploughing and road making.

I have tried not to duplicate engine pictures but as the season goes on, it is getting more and more difficult.

6hp Amanco Six Mule Team 1.5hp Amanco Johnny Boy Austin Generator Bamford 3hp Vertical.
A 1917 6hp Amanco Six Mule Team, part of the Neave collection from Smallborough driving a Tangye pump. Another Amanco, this time a 1.5hp "Johnny Boy" made in 1920. This was owned by Paul Arlidge from Maldon. A very unusual exhibit is this 1921 Austin Auto Plant Generator. Owned by Miss D Jones from Rochford. A 1935 3hp Bamford vertical engine driving a Rapid Grinding Mill owned by R Willcocks from Pilgrims Hatch.
Bamford Tulip Top Bentall Pioneer Blackstone DB Blackstone hot bulb
A very nice 1923 Bamford "Tulip Top" 2.5hp Driving a Lion Water Pump owned by Mike Lowe from Slough A superb exhibit was this 1913 3-4hp Bentall Pioneer . Shown driving a a Bentall Corn Mill Bean Kibbler. Owned by A Cornwell from Asheldham. This is a 1934 single cylinder Blackstone DB Diesel driving an Oat crusher, a good working exhibit owned by A Castle from Leigh on Sea. A 1912 Blackstone 7hp Hot Bulb owned by I Cornwell from South Woodham Ferrers. This engine was for sale at 3250 complete with trailer.
Moteur Ceres 4hp Crossley Hot Tube Gas Engine 1906 Crossley J Type Gardiner HF13
This is a rare circa 1928 4hp Moteur Ceres driving a Fairbanks Morse Pump. Owned by Tom Fisher from Arlesford. An 1892 2hp Crossley hot tube gas engine. This rare engine is owned by M Eckton from Epping. Another nice Crossley, a 1906 J Type owned by D Allen from Kings Lynn. This was the biggest Stationary engine on the Rally Field a 1941 Gardiner 100hp HF13. Owned by C Noble from Guilford
Hartop Type M  1889 Hayward Taylor hot air pumping engine. 2hp Ruston Hornsby Lister CS diesel
A circa 1930 1.25hp Type M Hartop. This nice little engine was driving a 1916 Tyzack sawbench. Owned by R Medynski from Hullbridge A very rare 1889 Hayward Taylor hot air pumping engine owned by P Neave from Hawkwell Essex. This nicely restored circa 1912 2hp Ruston Hornsby Gas engine is owned by John Jeffries from Crawley. A really nice 1938 Lister CS Diesel is driving an H3 Lister shallow well pump. Owned by J Nutley from Romford.
Lister D Magneto display Lister D and Stuart Turner pump Lister LR1 Madison Gas Engine
This unusual Display is a Lister D demonstrating magnetos working. Owned by P Nutley from Romford. A very nice restoration is this 1943 1.5hp Lister D driving a Stuart Turner domestic pump. Owned by Bob Gradley from Romford. This was a 6.5hp Lister LR1 driving a generator, Owned by V Rowlinson from Stockport. An early Madison Gas Engine Circa 1903 driving a dynamo. Owned by Ivan Hazell from Ipswich.
Maytag Washing Machine Ruston Hornsby AP4 Stuart Turner Generator Another Stuart Turner Generator
I took a picture of this at Detling, but it is so unusual, I decided to take another. This is an American Maytag washing machine owned by Simon Jennings from Essex. A well restored 4hp Ruston Hornsby AP4 Built in 1929 this is a petrol Paraffin engine owned by M Rump from Patcham. A 1949 Stuart Turner R2 driving a generator. This nice exhibit was owned by K Wood of Stalham Another Stuart Turner Generator set. This was for sale. A 1940 R3 model, this was owned by R Cloke.
2hp Sundial Tangye EWHE3 Waller 3hp 4hp Warwick Eagle
A rare engine imported from Australia is this circa 1930 2hp Sundial type B engine.This was owned by Alan Goodchild from East Preston. This is a nice 1930s Tangye 24hp model EWHE3. Owned by J Neave from Hockley. A circa 1900 3hp Waller. This was originally hot tube oil engine, now converted to magneto and petrol. Owned by John Jeffries from Crawley. This is a 1920 4hp Warwick Eagle driving a Climax no 3 Pump. Owned by R Simpson from Hockley.

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