Aldham Olde Tyme Rallye 2003

A really friendly rally hosted by the North East Essex Tractor & Engine Club and a good one for the Stationary Engine enthusiast. The weather was great on Saturday but unfortunately, on Sunday, we had a 20 minute downpour at midday and then the sun came out again, lulling us in to a false sense of security. We then had the usual (for Aldham that is) downpour just before packing up time which meant that it was a bit of a damp load up. This Rally is also an excellent one for Military enthusiasts, with a huge turn out of military equipment and the usual demo by the Cadets of the firing of a 25 pounder, VERY noisy. All in all, an enjoyable weekend. Once again (with a few exceptions) I have tried to photograph engines that were not at the previous two Rallys I have been to this year.

My Fuller and Johnson Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2hp Amanco 3hp Avon Powersaw
My Fuller and Johnson, which ran well with one minor hitch all weekend. Rob Vince's 1923 Fairbanks Morse 1 1/2hp Z type. I think this shot shows well, the newly painted trolley as some were supplied in this colour A very nicely restored 1917 3hp Amanco driving an equally nicely restored pump. This was owned by Mr J Lambert of Stroud. A really nice, working exhibit was this 1946 3 1/2hp Avon Powersaw. This was exhibited by Mr R.Westwood from Ipswich.
Bentall Leader Lister A Lister D
This is a Bentall, but I did not realise, it was not in the program so I did not think to find out more detail. A nice engine and worthy of a picture. a 1906 1hp Leader. Another nicely restored American import owned by Mr J Chiles from Colchester. This was a nice example, trailer mounted, of a 1935 3hp Tank cooled Lister A owned by Mr J Chiles of Colchester. This is young Richard Hill's trailer mounted Lister D and Argosy pump. Richard is 15 and a real stationary engine enthusiast.
Lister G2 Lister D + Sludgepump. Mallaieu and Conrey Petter M
Keeping with the Lister theme is this 1939 12hp Lister G2. An unusual engine to be seen on the Rally field owned by Mr S Hume from Gosfield. This was Peter Earl's 1934 2hp Lister D driving a Sludgepump, a very good working exhibit. Problem was, every time I came to take a picture of it running, Peter had gone off to get more water which it threw everywhere. Peter is from Mendlesham. This was an unusual engine, a 1930 1 1/2hp Mallaieu and Conrey driving an Enterprise grinder. This was owned by Mr M Chiles from Colchester who ground a lot of shells over the weekend. This was a nicely restored 1930 2 1/2hp Petter M owned by Jean Ballard from Grays.
Petter PAZ 1. Petter M 1 1/2hp Petter M 2 1/2hp Petter M
This is a lovely example of a circa 1965 1 1/2hp Petter PAZ 1 driving a Godwin water pump, and a GEC 24V Generator, AND an Alfa Lavel vacuum pump. This was owned by Mrs M Fisher from Alresford. Keeping with Petters, is this lovely 1926 Petter M owned by Dave Eaton from Herts. A very nice 1922 2 1/2hp tank cooled Petter M owned by Mick Bugg from Ipswich.. And this 1 1/2hp Petter M is owned by Mick's son Andrew, also from Ipswich.
Petter M Ruston Hornsby APR Ruston Hornsby 8PB Ruston PB
Just one more Petter M, a 1 1/2hp example from 1921. This lovely restoration was exhibited by Mr C Furlong from Heybridge Another superb restoration from Adam Munson from Stanway. This is a 1929 2 3/4hp Ruston Hornsby APR and has 30 coats of 2 pack paint !!! A trailer mounted 1944 3hp Ruston Hornsby 8 PB owned by Mt J Holdway from Alpheton. A nice little Ruston PB driving a corn mill. This was not as program so I am assuming it is owned by Mr R Dudley from Vange
Warwick Eagle Witte F Witte Dragsaw Witte
A 1920 Warwick Eagle 4hp owned by Mr R Simpson from Hockley A 1926 Witte "F" owned by Mr G Cooper from Corby. He had problems with the engine running on paraffin but after a good clean out it went OK This was another Witte, this time a drag saw. It was not entered in the Rally, as it was still under restoration but the owner thought it worth bringing out, I agree You will go to a lot of Rallies, and not see any of these American Witte engines, and here we have another one. This was a a lovely example of a 1938/9 2 1/2hp model owned by Mr J Holdway from Alpheton.
Avon powersaw Wolseley WD 11
Another picture of the Avon powersaw in action. This was a 1949  1 1/2hpWolseley WD2 driving a Bamford Mill, I like the legs sticking out the top !!! This was owned by Mr M Belson from Great Totham 

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