Wings Wheels and Steam Rally 2001

Rougham Airfield Near Bury St Edmunds

This Years Rally was much bigger than last Year especially the Aeroplanes and Traction Engine contingent and of course the superb weather brought out the public in droves, especially on Sunday.

The Stationary engine turnout was a little disappointing, we were told that around 40 engines would be attending, but in fact there were only around half that number.

From the public point of view this was a good Rally with a wide variety of things to see, including US Civil war re-enactments, a Cowboy town shoot out, a huge number of military vehicles including an American M18 Tank and the usual old tractors, classic cars etc.

From the Stationary engine enthusiasts point of view it was not so good, as there were few "cag" stalls and of course no auction (the decision to cancel was made some weeks ago as the auctioneers did not want to go from farm to farm in search of things for the auction due to foot and mouth)


My Lister, giving Wallace and Grommit a shower as usual


A close up of the pump (and Wallace)


Rob Vince's 1923 Fairbanks Morse Z type 1 1/2 HP


My wife Jan (on the right), and Rob's wife Rosie working hard as usual.


An American M18 Tank, just one of the many pieces of military hardware on show


And the anphibious DUKW


My Mate Norman, who flew in (flash git) but then had to fly out quickly to avoid extra charges on the aircraft.

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