My Lister H1 Shallow Well Pump

This was bought in October last year. I was looking for one of these nice pumps for some time to replace the Lister Domestic I often Rally as it is a more, (in my opinion ) interesting pump. The pics below show it as I purchased it.


Quantity Rate                                                           300 gals per hour/5 galls per minute.

Max suction                                                             25 Feet

Total head (including max suction and pipe friction)    250 Feet

Back view of the pump Front view of the pump Serial number plate Top view of the pump
This is a Pic of the Lister H1 pump as purchased And another The Serial plate A Top view

I have now stripped it and it required little mechanical work. See the pics below of the ongoing restoration.

Main parts Another view Fittings Semi complete and painted
The main parts, primed and the first coat of Mid Brunswick Green. Another view of the main parts. This was all the fittings waiting for attention. Semi complete and painted
Nearly complete Another view, nearly complete Watch this space Watch this space
Nearly complete. Another view nearly complete. Watch this space. Watch this space


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