Farm Machinery Preservation Society Working Day 2002

Grove Farm Gt Henney Sudbury Suffolk

What a great day for the 2002 Farm Machinery Preservation Societies 2002 Working day. The weather held (well we had a little downpour in the early afternoon) but I am sure everyone enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I did not think to get many pictures of the various other exhibits apart from stationary engines but rest assured that there was a large number of tractors and other machinery being put through their paces by enthusiastic owners.

Thanks go to Mark and Colin Cracknell For allowing F.M.P.S. to put on a great show of working farm machinery.

I felt very humble when, at the end of the day, I was awarded the trophy for the best working engine.

Here are a few pics, I make no excuse for putting my pumpset first

Last Rally of the season, and the old girl performed superbly all year.

A lovely example of a 1937 Petter M 3hp oil engine. It is coupled to a 1922 Crompton 50 volt house lighting set. This is owned by Tom Fisher.

A very nice 1935 Lister B owned by Peter Earl of Suffolk.

A very rare Fairbanks Morse 1907 Model T 2hp. This is owned by Ron Mansfield.

A lovely little 1934 Norman TE 300 Mk1 driving a centrifugal water pump

A very nice Lister L

A view down one side of the engine line showing an excellent turn out of engines.

A keen tractor man putting his Fordson E27N through its paces.


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