Farm Machinery Preservation Society

Vintage Rally 2002

Gosfield Essex

The rain managed to hold off for most of the weekend, and although the public did not come in droves on Saturday, Sunday was very busy. There was plenty to see, with  Steam engines and Rollers, around 70 Stationary Engines and the usual Tractors, Classic Cars, Motorbikes, Push Bikes, Military Vehicles etc. all in all a lot for the public to see.

There were also quite a number of "cag" stalls with something for almost anyone.

My Pumpset doing its usual thing, (or not in the case of this shot).

Rob Vince, relaxing behind his Wolseley which he gave an airing for the weekend with of course La La

This is Richard Hill with his Villiers and Argosy pump. Richard is 14 and it is good to see such enthusiasm.

An superbly restored Lister A, this won best engine, and best Lister at the show. This was restored by M Barnard of Gt Dunmow. 

A 3 1/4 hp Amanco 1921 vintage owned by T Boreham of Sible Hedingham.

A Bradford "Amanco" 2 1/2 hp owned by D.Penn of Corringham. I think this was made under License from Amanco.

A 1 1/2 hp Lister D driving a Godwin pump owned by Richard Preston from Writtle.

A 1 1/2 hp Stover KA owned by D. Kirby from Gt Bardingfield.

A very nice 1926 6 hp Lister L tank cooled owned by S. Nichols from Sible Hedingham Looks like it was for sale, a nice buy. 

Another Lister L, this one is hopper cooled. Owner was R Kirby from Gt Saling.

A lovely little Stuart Turner generating set. This was not in the program.

An unusual entry, a Stuart Turner marine engine RM3 complete with gearbox and prop. Owned by J Mathews from Epping.

Another unusual entry was this 5hp Bernard W2 owned by E Kirby from Gt Saling.

A Lister D and Ruston Hornsby PB both with pumps owned by  Dan and Tim Edwards from Sible Hedingham

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