Farm Machinery Preservation Society

Vintage Rally 2001

Gosfield Essex

The main feature of this Years Rally was unfortunately .....RAIN. We got there on Friday, hot, sunny and we were sitting outside the Caravans till around 11.30 pm. Woke up Sat morning to mist, clouds etc and then of course rain, so Saturday was a bit of a dead day for the general public although most things did go ahead. Sunday was a lot better with the threat of rain that never materialised.

Another good show, despite the weather with a good number of Steam engines and Rollers, around 80 Stationary Engines and the usual Tractors, Classic Cars, Motorbikes, Push Bikes, Military Vehicles etc. all in all a lot for the public to see.

There were also quite a number of "cag" stalls with something for almost anyone.


My Lister D giving Wallace & Grommit the usual shower


A lovely little "hit & miss" open crank American Ideal. These were  used originally in lawnmowers.


This was a beautifully restored "INGECO"


A nice tank cooled petter M on its first Rally, and a Lady.


Two Years were taken to resore this Farmel. Owned by Andrew Bugg, my Friends Son.

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