Essex Steam and Country Show

Billericay, Essex.

This is of course the biggest Rally in East Anglia and it seemed even bigger this Year. Once again there was a large number of Steam engines,  60 in total, 12 Showmans Engines and 11 Ploughing Engines. A lot of the Engines were working around the site demonstrating wood cutting, stone breaking road making etc.

There was also a large number of Tractors, cars, motorcycles and bygone exhibits, and 127 Stationary Engines.

Entertainment was supplied by Godbold's Lings Honda Motocross Display team and also there were a large number of high performance tractors taking part in a tractor pulling competition.

Once again, I apologise for the large files on this page, next year I will get around to using thumbnails. Be patient, I hope it will be worth it.

There was a superb variety of Stationary Engines on display, but I tried to take pictures of interesting engines that I have not photographed before but forgive me if any have been duplicated from previous Rallies.

Sorry, but I could not resist another picture of my Orchard pumpset.

Rob Vince gave his Petter an airing along with the Climax pump however I seem to have mislaid the pic. I will add it when I find it.

John Southall from Willisham neasr Ipswich took his 1943 2 hp Lister D and 110v generator.

Another member of our gang was Colin Cracknell from Gt Henny Nr Sudbury who brought his 1930s 3hp International M driving a Lister H3 Pump.

This was Jean Ballard's 1929 Petter M driving a Lister rotary Pump, Jean is from Tilbury.

A very nice 1925 Amanco 3 1/2hp owned by P Arlidge from Maldon.

This is a 1926 Crossley PN1070 driving an interesting high pressure pump. This was owned by R Simpson of Hockley Essex.

A 1916 3hp Hercules driving a Corbetts Corn Grinder. A very nice working exhibit owned by D.Culley from Wroxham.

As a Lister lover, I was envious of this 1928 Shaft drive mag Lister D generator set with the "Bruston" Flywheel. This is an early model with the low tank and no float chamber. Note the cast iron silencer which was fitted from around 1927 untill 1933. I have been lucky to aquire one for the 1932 shaft drive mag D that I am currently restoring. This was owned by M Rump from Patcham.

This is a 1937 Czechlosovakian Lorenz. This was not as program but I am assuming that it is owned by A Goodchild of East Peston who was listed with this number.

A 1920s open crank 5hp Ruston Hornsby owned by C Boyer of Ardingly.

Another 5hp Ruston Hornsby. This was a model 51P and was built in 1922  owned by R Lee of Knebworth.

This was a Tange Type EWHE3 which produces 24hp at 300 rpm. The flywheel weighs 1 Ton 2 cwt and the total weight is 2 Tons 13cwt. This was built in the 1930s and owned by J Neave of hockley.

The big Gardner diesel was here again (for pic, see last years report) but next to it, also mounted on an articulated trailer was this 1933 28hp tange FL9 Diesel. sorry about the angle, but every time I was near it with the camera, it was surrounded by people.

This was in the program as a 1908 Crossley H type (which it may well be) but the Badge says Waller (may be the supplier) Owned by D Allen of Kings Lynn. a lovely retoration.

A Waterloo Boy ?? Down in the program as a 1924 Jeager owned by T Crow of Stamford. Unfortunately, the camera angle did not pick up the writing on the board as I had hoped. I think it was still worth showing the pic.

This was a 1912/15 6hp Warwick Eagle originally owned by T Heath of Yeoville but as you can see, he sold it during the show.

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