Barlylands Rally

Billericay, Essex.

This is of course the biggest Rally in East Anglia and it lived up to expectations this Year. There was a large number of traction engines, about 60 I guess including a number that were working around the site demonstrating wood cutting, stone breaking etc.

There was also a large number of Tractors, cars, motorcycles and bygone exhibits, and well over 100 Stationary Engines.

Entertainment was supplied by the Suzuki stunt team and also there were a large number of high performance tractors taking part in a tractor pulling competition.

I Apologise for the large files on this page, one day I will get around to using thumbnails. Be patient, I hope it will be worth it.

My Lister ran all weekend with no problems.

A superbly restored Lister Junior and pump

Although you cannot see from this angle, this engine had no mag??? Also if you look closely, the plug is wired to a Heiniken can..... but it ran!!!

A very nice Lister CS Diesel

A huge engine, this was a German Sulzer Diesel

You Think the last engine was big, this was a Gardner Heavy oil Engine, a superb restoration.

A view down one of the engine lines, there were Two large pens and two further lines

One of the other engine lines.

There was a lovely atmosphere around the beer tent on Sat night with half a dozen Showmans engines providing light and heat.

Jan and Rosie (Rob and Ben the dog in the background) warming themselves near a steamer, This was before drinks in the beer tent!!!

Steamers lined up in the field.

A 1500 HP tractor with a 454 cu inch supercharged engine.

This was a tractor driven by a gas turbine Helicopter engine.

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